What is a Child Abuse and what are the various types of child abuse?

A major threat to our society is Child Abuse. We are living in a society where everyone is entitled to have equal rights to do everything. But then also, a bad practice has prevailed from the older times till today too.

Yes, you guessed it right.

The bad practice is Child Abuse.

Definition of a Child Abuse


A Child Abuse is a case where a child undergoes sexual, physical or psychological maltreatment or in other words, a child is neglected by the parents or the caretaker.

Now this condition can arise both in houses or in schools, communities too.

Child Abuse often leads to various effects on the mind of a child which can produce harm to a child psychology too.

Child Abuse can be done by a parent or some other person too. Like in the modern society, people are usually dependent on the caretaker or another person like that to take care their child just because they are not possessing enough time to invest in their child’s upbringing.

Different Types of Child Abuse


There are tons and tons of child abuse

  1. Physical Abuse

This is one of the most common types of abuses that come in the category of child abuse.

Technically it is defined as using physical force to stop the child from doing anything. Physical Abuse includes lots of things like beating, hitting, shaking, biting etc.

These all come under the category of physical abuse.

If a child is beaten more often than it can create immense pressure on his mind which can ultimately lead to the child go under depression or eating disorders or

  1. Sexual Abuse

Next up we are having sexual abuse on our list of the various types of child abuses.

This is one of the most crucial abuses that happen to the child nowadays. From a very early age, a child should be taught what is right and what is wrong in terms of sex abuse and what not.

We can define a sexual abuse as the one which is done on the physical body of the child that destroys the integrity of the child.

Sexual Abuse also contains child pornography which means to film out the nude photos or nude videos of the child. This thing is completely illegal and punishable by the court of law.

In the United States, approx 5 to 15 percent of the man was sexually abused in their childish days and approx 15 to 20 percent were sexually abused women when they were a child.

  1. Psychological Abuse

Next serious child abuse to consider is psychological abuse. This type of abuse basically attacks the emotional structure of a child.

Usually, if a child is psychologically abused then that child separates himself/herself from the society.

There are also some cases when the child is found to scream loudly and what not.

here the attackers attack the mind which is the working portion of our human body. This makes this type of abuse a very critical one.

  1. Neglect

Last up we have child neglect. Now, this can mean anything ranging from parents not giving adequate attention to the child or not giving them proper medical aid etc.

lack of food, clothing, the shelter also come in neglect abuse category.

This can also cause disastrous damage to the child.