Children Photography – Getting The Best Shots

Digital photography has long been an essential tool in the world of technology. We’re now equipped with a machine that captures images that are ready for digital enhancement, viewing and printing. Photos can create different emotions on a person’s life that can be treasured for decades.

Child photography is an innovation in creating memories by capturing your child’s priceless moments. Photograph your child from birth to graduation and preserve these life events by keeping their prints. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a professional photographer or use expensive gadgets to get you started. Compact cameras or even your smartphones will do the trick.

We all know that working with little ones can be challenging and fun at the same time, especially in keeping them still while taking their photos. To help you attain meaningful memories using your cameras, we’ve gathered a selection of useful tips and techniques in taking portrait snapshots of newly born babies and children in general.

Engage with your subject


Do you want to capture a candid shot? Or a perfect portrait, perhaps? Whichever result you’re aiming for, you must engage with your subject. Make your subjects, in this case kids, feel comfortable while getting them used to the cameras. You need to have patience and be persistent in taking a series of snapshots until you have the nicest, if not the perfect candid shot. It’s also a fun way to bond with your kids as a recreation. Once they’re used to the camera, you’ll have more natural results.

Make use of an open shade

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Though it’s highly recommended to take photos right before the sun goes down or comes up, capturing simple yet great moments anytime of the day is still possible. Take photos in open shade areas like behind a wall shadow for an instance, which gives a silvery shade that’s great for candid or portrait shots. Another suggestion is using shades of trees or different structures that can add great effects to your subject, resulting to astonishing images.

Level it

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In professional photography, camera angles are extremely important. It gives great composition in any photo. Above or below angles can add interesting and pleasant effects to your frame. In child photography, however, taking photos at your child’s eye level is the most commonly recommended angle. A little effort can go a long way- try bending a little or, if you must, lie on the ground just to get that angle. Be creative and expand your composition by incorporating different angles. Give the viewers an image from a child’s point of view.

Focus on the eyes


Another technique when shooting a portrait is by focusing on the eyes of your subject. Explore the auto-focus effect on your phone and utilize its functionality. Eyes in photos can convey emotions that can channel vibes and can unlock great potentials when communicating with your viewers, and that’s why eyes are important in portraits.

Locations and Backgrounds

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Exploring different activities and locations with your little buddy can be memorable by capturing genuine happiness in a snap. Get that camera rolling and take as many shots as you can. Opt for simple and uncomplicated backgrounds. Most children are dressed with prints and are often in bright colors.


In store applications

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Unfiltered photos are classic and great but if you want more dramatic results, try editing using an application. Turn that photo into something by enhancing its color or adjusting the background for a more vivid image. You can even play with black and white for a histrionic effect. It’s easy and fast, plus most of these applications are free.


Enjoy it!

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Now that you have more ideas on how to take great photos of your little ones, don’t forget about yourself. Remember that these photos will serve as a memory lane. It’s a fun way of creating and collecting fun memories with them while at the same time refining your photography skills so enjoy it!