What is Child Neglect and What are the Consequences of Child Neglect?

One of the most serious offenses in the child abuse thing is Child Neglect. Child Neglect is one of the most crucial things that can affect a child’s mentality in a very serious way. Child Neglect means that a child is neglected attention in terms of emotional way, medical way or schooling way etc.

In today’s life where everything is moving so fast, often it is seen that both the parents go out in the world in order to earn living for themselves.

Child neglect means that a child is neglected either a financial help or attention at the mental level.

Generally, in metro cities, people often leave their children a the stake of the caretaker.

Usually, some of the child neglect cases occur in this case. The caretaker might not be able to take proper care of the kids as the parent is able to take care of their kid and this is how a child neglect comes in the minds of the child.

Often times it is seen that child misbehaves or has a gap in the reaction. This is referred to as the symptoms of child neglect.

Prevent Child Abuse America advocates for:

Let us now discuss how prevent child abuse America advocates for child abuse and how dot hey advocate?

  • Increasing services to families such as home visiting, early childhood education, and parent education.

Here families are taught to give more time to their children and they visit the home quite often.

Parents also need to be educated about what are the right things that need to be done with the child. Some how the parents need to be convinced that they got to give more time to their kids in their childhood so that the child can enjoy in that time and perform various other important activities too.

  • Providing mental health services to parents and neglected children and youth.

The parents should also be taught what is the best mental health condition that they can undergo so that their child can grow optimally.

  • Ensuring access for all children to affordable, quality health care, including prenatal, dental, and mental health services.

Other services also need to be given to the children like prenatal, dental and mental health services too.

Consequences of Child Neglect

The consequences of child neglect can be pretty harmful in most of the cases. It can harm a child’s physical health and mental health too.

Regarding physical problems, the child may conceive bone related issues or even severe injuries too.

Mental problems include depression, loss to self-esteem and what not.

Considering the social aspect of the child neglect, it can cause adult criminal behaviour leading to more terrible consequences too.