What are the effects of child abuse on child

Child Abuse is one of the greatest crimes that human beings have committed in the history of the world.

The people that are suffering from child abuse or the ones that have suffered from a child abuse tend to have a high number of problems. Due to this thing they might lead an unnatural life.

In a nutshell the child abuse can lead to physical problems, psychological problems or even developmental problems which can be disastrous too.

They might become short tempered or short life span etc.

Emotional Effect of Child Abuse

The children that undergo physical abuse get a huge emotional effect on their minds. They might see every other person to be a threat to them.

Some of the children that undergo physical abuse might experience reactive attachment disorder (RAD).

Actually the physical child abuse that they have incurred has made a special impact on their minds which can lead them to become angry or anxious at any instant of the time.

Some children that undergo physical abuse can lack in relationship stuff or even worse some might lack the proper upbringing too.

Physical Effect of Child Abuse

Now this is something serious effect of a child abuse. Actually the point is that if something serious gets occurred to your body as a result of that abuse then it might cause a damage to your body.

In the worst cases it might cause a damage to your bones or even worse a rib fracture too.

In brief here are some of the effects that you can observe in the victim of a child abuse.

  1. Shaken Baby Syndrome – Here there occurs a neurological damage which can often lead to death too.
  1. Impaired Brain Development – Physical child abuse can also put a damage to the brain which can result in improper growing of the brain, loss in academic abilities or any other serious effects too.

Adverse Childhood Experiences Study


This is one of the most common effects that a person with child abuse can get into.

There can be adverse childhood experiences which means that in the childhood, the child can go into depression, behave in an unexpected way or any other unusual thing that a child of that age does – he/ she might do opposite of that.

Psychological Effect

The psychological effects includes anxiety, vomit or acting out as someone.

Now there’s one more thing that I need to make:

When these children become parents and if they suffer from  posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), then they can also suffer from anxiety or any other effects too.