What are the causes of child abuse?

As the world is progressing the crime is continuously decreasing from the world. This is true.

What is truer is child abuse is also decreasing at a rapid rate.

Child Abuse is defined as the abuse that is given to a child in any form be it mentally, emotionally, physically or psychologically. You should read What are the effects of child abuse on child.

Whatever unusual thing happens with a child that makes that child feel uncomfortable can be termed as a child abuse and this is not permitted.

Now without further ado let us jump straight into seeing the causes of child abuse.

Causes of Child Abuse

What are the effects of child abuse on child

There can be a large number of factors that can result in child abuse. One of the factors that might result in child abuse is the discrimination in sex. Now, this thing was at its peak in the past. But as the time is passing this thing is continuously decreasing.

Earlier what used to happen is if there is a girl child in your house, then there might occur a situation when she might be subjected to child abuse at the mental level because earlier there was a thinking in a lot of people’s mind that girls are not as good as boys.

Another cause of child abuse can be in the form of physical abuse to a child.

If in a house there are four children then a lot of times it happens that all four are required to compete with each other in studies which can lead to child abuse in terms of physical beating and hence useless pressure might get exerted on the mind of the child.

What are the effects of child abuse on child2

Now one more situation can lead to a physical child abuse which is that if parents are full of anger and they see no other place to take out the anger then they can spit out all the anger that they have got on the children which are an example of child abuse.

If the financial condition of the family is not up to the mark then several times it has been seen that child can become a victim of child abuse.

As the time is passing, the people are getting more and more addictive towards bad things like drugs, alcohol and several other things. After your parents have consumed alcohol then, this has created a bad impact on their mind which might lead to physical child abuse.

Same is the case with drugs like Cocaine etc. This can also be classified as a cause of child abuse.

If a child is born disabled then this can give an indication to the parents that the child is weak. This opportunity might lead to a physical abuse by some of the parents or even by the strangers that are present beside that children.