Of Photoshoots and OOTD’s: Are Our Children Safe?

Most of us take to Instagram to share memorable and insightful snapshots of anything we find interesting. With the constant reinvention of style, we tend to be on the lookout for the hottest and newest fashion trends. Let’s admit it, the influence of social media to the modern society’s lifestyles and tastes is something that cannot be denied.

Our young ones are not immune to this OOTD craze. Children who have yet to learn the alphabet are often seen posing for the camera to show off trendy outfits. Playing for the camera can be a very fun thing, but what if it actually puts them at risk? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up your kids and have them look their best to get snapshots that you can share with anyone and treasure forever, but what if there’s danger in doing so?

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By nature, children are curious, energetic and free-spirited. They are innocent and very susceptible to many dangers they are unaware of. We as parents should always be aware that although taking snapshots of your kids is not illegal, there are things to consider before showing off cool new outfits you’ve gathered for them to wear.

It’s easy to avoid the imminent dangers that lurk behind the walls of the world wide web: be vigilant. It’s important to know what you’re being vigilant against. Let’s take a look.

Predators and Pornography

Creating accounts for your kids so that they can constantly check their followers or likers after a photoshoot might sound harmless, but take it from an article by Covenant Eyes how predators can easily lure your kids into falling into their traps. Children can easily end up talking to strangers who can easily lead them into watching sensitive content, and their curiosity can easily get them in trouble. Needless to say, exposure to these sensitive contents can have an adverse effect in the development of your child. No child should ever be exposed to something like this.

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How can this be avoided? According to an article by WebMD, always supervise your child while browsing the web, and educate them about how these predators may obtain information from them that can lead them to where you are.

Parents and the Internet

More than just the dangers of the world wide web, we cannot deny that the Internet is one of the best advancements in this world. It has made our lives simpler by making tasks easier. Once we’ve established our children’s safety when using the Internet, only then can we enjoy its benefits.

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