No More Chocolate & Crisps for Children at St. Brigid’s School

Schools and Colleges are meant to educate students about how to live a better life.

In St Brigid School, students were told that they should watch what food they bring into the school so that no harm occurs to the children’s health.

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The parents along with children at St Brigid School were reminded that it was a nut free school after a pupil was found a nuts box.

Not only this But Mrs Jones also asked the parents to not send unhealthy snacks like chocolates and crisps with their children on the way to school.

The headmaster there warns pupil that he would give worst university references in case they had boyfriends or girlfriends.

The school also plays a role by not giving snacks including chocolate so that the health of the children might improve.

A newsletter that Jones sent to the parents reminded them that there had been one more intake of pupils since autumn.

She said that the pupils might be having a box of nuts, then this can cause problems because there might be some pupils that were allergic to the box of nuts.

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You can also visit dark chocolate brands in India.

Ruthin in an email said that the pupils that were studying in the school should not bring snacks including chocolate and crisps because munching on these snacks can make them unhealthy.

Dark Chocolate Brands in India

Everyone in the society have different choices and tastes. So is the case with Dark Chocolates. Every individual like dark chocolates.


This one is one of the best swiss brands and come in a unique triangular shape. Its origin was in the year 1932.

This chocolate is made in the black or green color box. In this series, another chocolate comes which is snow top.

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This chocolate comes in white color in silver package, crunchy salted almond.

Kit Kat Dark

This chocolate is from Nestle. In this chocolate, you will find itself covered in the wafers. Another variety of this can be in milk chocolate variant.

The ingredients of this chocolate are Milk fat, cocoa butter, Palm kernel oil, wheat flour.

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This one is a smooth chocolate and is preferred by you in the case when you need a energy break after a long work duration.

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Amul Dark Chocolate

This one is a combination of creamy milk and cocoa. The main ingredient here is 55 percent of the cocoa. As soon as you put this chocolate in your mouth, it melts and gives you an awesome taste that you will get in your mouth.

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The main ingredients of Amul Dark Chocolates are Sugar, cocoa solids, cocoa butter and lots of other ingredients.

You can buy the Amul Dark Chocolate at around 100 Rs.

Lindt Excellence Cocoa

This chocolate has a wonderful texture that melts as soon as you put it in your mouth and make you feel special.

It has awesome richness feeling and a strength that can be found in cocoa beans.

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This one has 99 percent of cocoa that adds taste to the chocolate.

Lots of people like to have this chocolate with coffee that makes wonders and gives both taste and satisfaction to them.

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Hershey’s Special Dark

Hershey Special Dark Chocolate is one of the biggest chocolate brands and a great to taste chocolate by Hershey company. This chocolate contains 65 percent of cocoa that makes a great blend in both bitterness and sweetness.

If you start consuming this one it will be difficult to divert your mind away from this chocolate.