Is this the right time to give children the right to vote?

We live in the materialistic world where everyone is possessing the equal rights, but then also children are deprived of the right to vote.

Usually the age when a person can vote is higher in some countries and lower in some countries. Some countries permit their children the right to vote at the age of 16 as done by Austria and on the other hand, some countries give the right to vote at the age of 18.

In Japan, you can vote when you are 20.

Now there is a crucial role that children play in increasing the development of a nation. As they play a big role why are they not given the right to vote? Do children impact on government policies.

Well, children should also be given the right to vote as they are also going to cast their vote by voting for the right candidate on the ballot.

A reason to deprive the children the right to vote can be that they can be easily influenced by the adults to cast vote in some one’s favour.

Like a teacher can influence them to cast their vote for the candidate that they want to win or children can also be influenced by the adults with whom they are living. This can lead to the children getting biased and casting their vote in the favour of a candidate that doesn’t deserve to win.

Till now we have discussed two major reasons because of which children can’t be given the right to vote.

Another main reason can be why will the children vote in favor of a particular candidate.

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Now, this is one of the main reason because of which children are deprived the right to vote.

Actually, the point is that elections occur due to common people only.

Let us dive deep into this fact…

Actually, the people that fight the election are going to solve one issue or the other of the common public and they have their own agendas that they are going to put forward against the common public.

For children, it is quite confusing to underline the issues that they are in need to get solved and hence they might get confused and cast their vote in the favour of a candidate that is not worth to be won.

All in all, as children can’t express their view on an individual basis without getting influenced by any of adults, hence children might not get the right to vote.