7 Crucial Steps That We can Undertake to Prevent Child Abuse

Child Abuse means abusing the child in a way that makes the life of the child different from the other children in one or the another way.

Child abuse can be done at the mental level or the physical level or the psychological level or any other level too.

Obviously, this is not a good thing to do. There are certain causes by which child abuse take place like a disabled child, discrimination on the basis of sex and lots of other factors.

Now there are several measures that you can take to prevent child abuse.

let us discuss 7 crucial steps that you can take to prevent child abuse.

Child abuse

Prevention of Child Abuse

  1. Make the children understand what is right and what is wrong

Now the first point is highly important. If you are educating your kid about how many levels of privacy the child can get and how much closer can the child go with adults, then there are chances of lesser sexual abuse or even no sexual abuse too.

Also make them have some knowledge about sex stuff like what if some adult tries to molest them and tpuch their private parts, in that case, they need to talk to their elders and afterwards take proper action.

  1. Reduce the risk of sexual abuse by making the child get close to their aged people and not one child to one adult

This is another measure that you can take to prevent sexual abuse.

You can make sure that your child is not getting close to lots of adults every time. Your Child remains surrounded with the similar aged people and this will reduce the risk of sexual abuse too.

  1. Openly talk about whats happening in the child lives


In today’s world where everything is changing so rapidly, people are moving outside of their houses to earn. Even the house wives are also going out of the house to earn.

This makes the child subject to neglect abuse. Instead what the parents should do is take some time, talk to your kids and then counsel them if anything wrong is happening in their lives or not which should not be happening.

If yes, then take proper actions against that particular activity.

  1. Try to spot the signs of the sexual abuse. You are not going to get sudden signs but it will be followed by series of signs, you just need to have the vision to clearly interpret if your child is getting sexually abused or not.

Now generally people think that they are going to get a clear indication by the child. But this is wrong. When ever you see a clear indication of the behavioural change of your child, then you should be concerned if your child has undergone some abuse or is it just normal one.

  1. Plan where to go

Crucial Steps That We can Undertake to Prevent Child Abuse

You don’t need to panic now if your child is abused. You just need to inform the concerned authorities and they are going to take care of the rest.

  1. Monitor Suspicious activity closely

If you see any suspicous activity of your child like not eating food since few days or not able to give proper time to studies then activate your gut feeling and check if everything is fine or not.

  1. Get involved

Check what is the law that is concerned with the safety of your children and take actions accordingly.