Children Gets Beaten in Cold Outside on Streets

Recently a horrifying footage of a teenage girl being beaten up and dragged along a pavement by her hairs outside school premises got viral. It was a mobile phone video showing a girl wearing a pink tracksuit beating a school girl and punching her in the head.

The girl who was beaten up seems to be helpless and another girl continues the sickening attack. The worst thing about this entire incident was the onlookers who continue to capture the film of the violence and did not do anything in her favor.

Main Headlines of the Popular Newspapers

It is not a single incident of beating children on outside streets. If you go to the internet or check your daily newspapers you will see various news related to it. There are a large number of children which are directly or indirectly being tortured in the different parts of the world every day.

The main reason behind coming on this topic today is that to bring this one of the most sensitive topics in front of the young emerging generation so that to make them aware of their rights. It is very important to raise a voice against such inhuman actions so as to stop them in future. And another thing that needed to keep in mind is that, if you come across such incident anywhere in your locality, please first take the desired steps so as to make the child secure.

Hypocritical Society

Our society has now become so heartless that sometimes it appears from their behavior that they are really enjoying the moment. We think the perfect time for shaking the heads of our society has really arrived as being late may have some more worst situations.

Worst Condition in the Winters

With the arrival of the winters, the conditions are becoming worst. Incidents of children beaten up in cold outsides on streets and especially in winters may also sometimes lead to the death of the victim also. How can we be so ruthless to such children who can’t even defend themselves? It is not only against laws of any country, but it is inhuman also.

Strong Steps Needed to be Followed

We should raise our society in such a way that, it makes no differences whether the child is poor or rich. Every child should be treated as our future so that to perfectly secure it. And what else better than starting the charity from our homes. Never get indulged in such cases where the children face any kind of domestic violence or are going to face any inhuman activity.

NGO’s Against Child Violence in Singapore

There are various organizations in Singapore which fight against these ill behaviors very well. The best part of these organizations is that they continuously go for providing their best efforts for supporting such victims.

Poster printing, pamphlets, news and t-shirt printing Singapore are some of the best examples of the contributions made by such organizations so as to make the people aware of such inhuman actions. If you are viewing the same situation nearby you and wanted to really help that child, just make a call to these organizations on their toll-free number.